Thursday 27 May 2010

A Justified Acting

"Is the person well now?? Is situation is getting better?? What about our dos and don'ts??" So many questions instantly come to our mind when a few responsibilities try to get in shape around us........isn't it!! At first instance, we behave very gently, people around us should not understand what is going on within our mind, and the tricky mind tries to prove itself best among others with each and every pros and cons judged. We try to befriend the problem along with the person facing it. We try to prove we are doing the best, though it may vary in its response. Some even don't bother do that also, just verbal consciousness is more than enough for them. But those "helpful" creatures who think they are stretching the best helping hands feel huge satisfaction doing just a little. Actually we cannot assume what the situation is with the person facing the problem, what is with his/her family going through!! It's not possible also to bear the same pain. Though we express our distress like anything... and the most ridiculous period comes when the chapter runs for a longer time. Slowly we express our difficulties, our problems, our discomfort to cope up with the situation. We, who took oath in the beginning not to care any adverse situation, now could find a small needle withing a bale of hays. Whatever be the reason is, we now try to come out of the situation and blame the readily changing conditions, not ourselves. At this point of time, we don't even bother our attachments with the person, his/her family, our duty as a human being, but we just try to figure out the easiest escape. And if we succeed, allow a few drops of tear flow from our eyes blaming the impulsiveness of the ever changing circumstances and expressing our inability to do nothing despite of our "strong will". What a justified OSCAR winning acting it is........naa!!

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