Thursday 10 March 2011




A matchstick in mouth,
Holding it by teeth,
The same old torn hat and,
The quest as I breathe.

Thought of a journey,
Till I find sea,
The sea where the geese are,
The place is for me.

She wanted to come with,
But you know by now,
Leaving a home means,
A field not to plough.

So I took myself,
With some tits and bits,
Will buy some happiness,
From someone who meets.

Devoid of any longings,
Anything to hold,
I must go to the sea,
Too firm and too bold.

Then a long voyage,
Would start to be lost,
Through the high icebergs,
And Snows and the frost.

Thought of that and then,
I struck by my heart,
Who will be warmth then,
She asked at the start.

Wondered by her question,
As I looked back,
Found me in the same home,
Like old books in rack.

Sitting in the couch,
Then I realise,
Wonderlust is not that I want,
To be that precise.

So I Stopped thinking,
About dreams absurd,
Thought of that person,
Who stopped me and barred.

Something within her,
Did all these to me,
Could not I set off,
My journey to sea.

Wednesday 9 March 2011


Was living in a dream,
Sporting nightingale tears,
Wearing a day long melancholy
And a distant music that soothes my ears.

Suddenly my path strucks a wall,
A wall that's very old,
I tried to find the entrance
Where memories were sold.

Saplings and grasses have covered it all,
With a feeling of gesture that creates a home,
Surprised and lost I stood by the wall,
Discovering a small way that leads to the dome.

It was a fortress,
A fortress by sea,
It forgot its history,
Its glory, its spree.

Standing in front of her monumental high,
I saw a sea that never can end,
Blue and grey ripples were rising, collapsing,
But there's a rhythm that I want to lend.

Enchanted with joy,
Aroused by her,
I sang a long prayer,
That crosses the bar.

Long after the moments,
As twilinght struck me,
All over a new spirit
Was possesed by thee.

But I then enjoyed,
Rejuvenated and quiet,
Selfishly leaving her in the dark,
I came down from that height.

On my way to the town,
Thought thousand times,
Should I go back and hug,
Those songs and rhymes.

Something inside me,
Pulled me away,
A call from my sweet home,
That made me do sway.

I returned to the niche,
A place that called home,
But if I get chance now,
Will definitely roam.

Around those places,
Those saplings and trees,
Where there I must find,
My fortress by sea.

Tuesday 1 March 2011

আসবে বলেছ

ভাবছি তোমায় একটা চিঠি লিখব
কিন্তু কি লিখব বুঝতে পারছি না
মাথার মধ্যে হাজার রকম চিন্তারা ভিড় করে আসছে,
চোখ চাইতে গিয়ে এক মায়াবী সকাল
বারান্দায় কারা যেন হাত ধুয়ে জল ছড়িয়েছে
চিলেকোঠা ঘর থেকে ধুনোর গন্ধ
একটা কাক অবাক চোখে তোমায় দেখতে গিয়ে হেসে ফেলল বোধ হয়
মোরামের রাস্তায় আবার ধুলোর ঘূর্ণি
ছাতে শুকোতে দেওয়া কাপড় হাওয়ার ছোঁয়ায় পাল তুলে ছুটেছে
অবাধ্য একটা ঘুড়ি ফরফর করে চক্কর খাচ্ছে মাথার ওপর
কোথায় যেন খঞ্জনি বাজছে,
এত কিছু কেন বুঝছি বল তো!

আজ তুমি আসবে বলেছ যে....