Wednesday 9 March 2011


Was living in a dream,
Sporting nightingale tears,
Wearing a day long melancholy
And a distant music that soothes my ears.

Suddenly my path strucks a wall,
A wall that's very old,
I tried to find the entrance
Where memories were sold.

Saplings and grasses have covered it all,
With a feeling of gesture that creates a home,
Surprised and lost I stood by the wall,
Discovering a small way that leads to the dome.

It was a fortress,
A fortress by sea,
It forgot its history,
Its glory, its spree.

Standing in front of her monumental high,
I saw a sea that never can end,
Blue and grey ripples were rising, collapsing,
But there's a rhythm that I want to lend.

Enchanted with joy,
Aroused by her,
I sang a long prayer,
That crosses the bar.

Long after the moments,
As twilinght struck me,
All over a new spirit
Was possesed by thee.

But I then enjoyed,
Rejuvenated and quiet,
Selfishly leaving her in the dark,
I came down from that height.

On my way to the town,
Thought thousand times,
Should I go back and hug,
Those songs and rhymes.

Something inside me,
Pulled me away,
A call from my sweet home,
That made me do sway.

I returned to the niche,
A place that called home,
But if I get chance now,
Will definitely roam.

Around those places,
Those saplings and trees,
Where there I must find,
My fortress by sea.