Wednesday 16 June 2010

It was she...Part-II

It was almost 11 o’clock and I was waiting at a corner desk in the science library. Generally I got hell loads of work these times, including lemon-tea break at college ground, chatting at canteen with friends from other departments, cracking silly non-veg jokes…..“But today!!! What am I doing?” Sitting in the most boring place I have ever visited with two gigantic books I never read (though those were in my syllabus), I was sweating heavily. Whether the fan was slow or something cooking within me, devoid of the truth I was praying that “be everything goes well”. The librarian, Mrs. Jyotsna, a super slim lady with ultra powered glasses was staring at me as if I was a just-dropped ALIEN from a far fetched planet trying to understand what these two idiotic books mean to ALIENKIND!!! As long as possible I was trying to ignore all odds around me and concentrate. It took another ten minutes when she arrived like a jet-lagged passenger, carrying five heavy books. And what an expression……..

“Oh!! You are already here? I thought you had a class…I mean I saw your friends were going for the maths lecture.”
“I didn’t go. I don’t like sitting idle in that boring class.”
“Still you should attend.”
“I have maths tuition and please I am not here to attend your lecture also. “Shit…what am I saying!!!”
“Fine……. Do whatever you like. But I thought you have something to say, would you please?”

Again that crumpling feeling started growing within my stomach, something heavy in my throat. What all I did, just yawned, and that too because I was getting very bored sitting at the library. But she got it wrong. Instantly her face turned pinkish and raising her glasses with trembling fingers she told me “Look Soham, I was not the one following you for last seven days (I was not following, it was just an accident!!!), I am not the one sitting at canteen in the opposite bench and ogling at you (WTF!!! I was just trying to catch a glimpse of Ananya, heartthrob of college, not you madam…….). So now you have to tell me what for you are doing all these? Is there anything special or you do it with each and every girl in the college?” I have already answered her questions silently when she was accusing me but couldn’t tell her.

All I could say was “I like you.”
“That I already know. But what kinda likeliness is this? Are you crazy enough to just hold this feeling within you or have you thought anything else?”
“Yes, I thought.” I found my words back. “I like you and I am quite serious about it.” Oh… I am amazed with my oration and felt like I could address the nation……….
“Good, but you should act like that. Not like silly Roadside Romeos, catching the same train which I commute.” She started smiling.
“Then… what should I do?”
“Do what is proper.”
“Okay, Miss Chatterjee……. I love you, would you be mine?” I gestured like I would kneel if it was not in the library.
“Okay, Mr. Mukherjee……. I can understand.” She mocked me. “And you know what, even I started liking you.” She burst with laughter as I joined her.

Instantly Mrs. Jyotsna jumped into our desk and shouted her favorite punch line “GET OUT……………”


  1. Nicely written.....any truth! B-)


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  5. dont know whether da story is true but it seems very real. must say u have superfluous vocabulary very aptly designed.. .. continue with ur journey on titantantra...

  6. Ananya....onek kota naam er sathe samanjasya khuje pacchi.... good post bro!

  7. Waiting for the next post!!!!!!!!!!!!